Keep your Privacy Secure

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Keep your privacy secure

You would be surprised to know that privacy in a virtual world is a very rare thing and if you don’t believe that then look up on  There are also several other sources where you can find out details about yourself.  The details about you and your family, address, phone number, and even income is posted.

The reason for that your personal details are crucial for several financial firms as well as many scammers who want to take advantage of people like you. Financial firms want your details because they want to sell their products and services to you, whereas scammers want to steal your money, it is that simple.

Hence it becomes important that you learn how to keep your privacy secure in a virtual world.

Never fill out your social media profile

You should not fill out the profile completely.  What is the need for all your friends and the whole world to know where you are from? It is not going to be useful to anybody anyways.  Then why bother filling in all the fields. Just the name is enough.  Maybe date of birth and the college you went.

The reason for that is you are providing a scammer the ideal opportunity to attack and take your personal details with them.  That is why you will want to keep the social media profile as low filled as possible.  Those who need to know all your personal details already have them.  Those of you who care about your privacy, will immediately get rid of your personal details.

Do not share social security or national insurance number with anybody

It is not a wise idea to share social security or national insurance number with anybody.  Usually financial firms or banks do not call up to ask you these details.  You have to either go to the bank or fill in the details yourself and post it to them.  These kinds of details are very personal and sensitive.  You do not want everybody to know your social security or natioal insurance number.

The reason for that being, when somebody can lay their hands on your social security or national insurance number, they can easily steal from you.  They can steal your identity and wipe out your credit cards.  The last four digits of social security number must not be used anywhere.  These digits are normally used by financial institutions when they want to reset your password (in the USA).

Use a powerful password that you can remember

It comes down to the password that you use.  Generally the password you use will decide what kind of person you are, the kind of information you have, will remain safe.  It is noted that people tend to make use of the same password for several accounts. If you do that, then you will want to immediately change it now.

Come up with a password that is powerful and one which you can remember.  A combination of names and numbers is the best way to stay good.  Avoid using your family names, date of birth, your favorite actor or movie, and others.  It is usually done by users and the chances of getting compromised are always there.

You can say that remembering several passwords is tough.  It is difficult to remember several passwords, hence create a password database using keepass on your PC or laptop.  Store it in a safe place. The issue will using the same password is that once it is out in the open, all your accounts are compromised or lost.  The chances of getting them back are very less.

Use two-factor authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Use Two factor Authentication (2FA) where possible

You will want to make use of two factor authentication to lock down your social media profiles and other accounts such as gmail etc.  To log in, you have to enter a special code which the website messages to your smart phone/email address.  It is the ideal way to keep your information safe, especially when you have sensitive and important information stored there.

It also makes it harder for your account to be accessed by cyber theives (hackers).

Pay using cash

When you go for shopping to any grocery store, then pay using cash.  It is safer and easier.  The need to carry lots of cash is not there.  You can withdraw some money on the way to the store and make your purchase through cash.  Though you can pay using your credit or debit card, which you feel is simple in reality it is not safe.

The chances of your account getting hacked are very high.  You will want to know that credit card companies are selling your information to advertisers.  Apart from that, tricksters have come up with full-proof plans of conning you by standing next to you or placing a duplicate scanner on the machine without anybody noticing.  Make sure to cover the keypad with your hand when entering in your pin.

They are just getting better and better.  Yes, technology is developing and security firms are hiring the best talent, but scammers always have found a way round this.  They always seem to be a step ahead of the best.  Sometimes doing things the old way is beneficial. Paying for bills the old way of making use of notes and coins is wise and helps to keep your privacy secure.

Make a lie when setting up password security questions

You can see common questions like, “what is your mother’s maiden name?” or “what was the name of your first dog?” and the like. In such situations avoid telling the truth.  That is because the information can be found out looking up on the Internet about you.  If somebody wanted to know from which country you are from, they can easily get the answer to that from the Internet.

Hence try to remember a lie and write the answer somewhere safely.  You can write down on a piece of paper or use an app to store all your passwords on your smart phone or tablet (remember to secure your device with a pin/password too).  These devices are difficult to hack into (provided they are kept up to date).  It is alright to tell it to your partner or somebody about your passwords, whom you trust.

There you go, keep your privacy secure in a virtual world is not that difficult after all.  Using these simple methods, you can now ensure that your details are safe from prying eyes.  Identify fraud is happening at a very alarming rate and it is up to the users to take strong measures in keeping their privacy safe from intruders.