Guest Blogger Eiffion Ashdown.

Hi there again to all of the IT Pro readers from I hope your all well and good wherever you may be.

This is an intermediary blog on the progress of my website and the team’s performance whilst working with me. Construction Team Construction Team, Check Out The Progress so Far!

My web designer called Lee is fun to work with I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t talk so much when he’s working but his skill set means it’s ok as he can multitask and didn’t see my excitement as a problem.

Ok after starting the website Lee contacted me saying there was much more work than first anticipated and when he told me the size of the site I had previously made, the size of the content and the amount of images, I was expecting a much longer building time, more expense and a longer time before I could relaunch and get the website up and running again.

The Team stayed fair with the price which for me was like Phew!!! And I’m very grateful for that but the bigger surprise is the speed in which these guys work, within a few days the bulk of the main website has been made.

Lee worked hard sorting out my messed up and sometimes too long blog system, had put up requested background and implemented a video clip turned into a gif on the site and my own personal live feed from Twitter too.

These are new features and a few of many new ones to come as I think collectibulldogs will stay with this company.
As the website can then be advanced as technology gets better and more widgets and plugins come out, giving the viewer a reason to keep on wanting to return to see what’s new.

Before I continue I wonder if my web designer has had bulldogs on the brain maybe a few to many dreams maybe about this beautiful breed, I only ask as he has had to play around with over 5000 images of bulldogs that are either antique pieces or real.

Lee had a good look over the site once transferred over and I think this is one of the companies biggest undertakings so far, as in web design and it’s mostly down to the sheer size of the collection I have amassed these past six or seven years.

The Site Will Be Ready Soon!

I do not know when the site will be fully completed that will be down to Lee,  his time and of course overcoming upcoming challenges.
I’m assured will get done and am told I shouldn’t worry so much, isn’t that nice and also shows customer care and good client relation.

I was proud of what I had achieved myself with the old site but glad I took the leap of faith and also happy that I found these guys too.

My last blog will be an update on the completed version of my website I will not know what I love and do not until it’s completed, but so far things are excellent with just a few minor issues I have that will get sorted as soon as mentioned. Is Museum Listed! is the first of its kind we are the first to take a museum status collection regarding the bulldog breed and put it out free for all to see.
Any work these guys do to enhance the site and it’s prestige is wonderful as this venture I created will one day be my legacy to my daughter, I’m just the conduit or caretaker if you will.

I can envisage in a little while, a fully functioning website with all the technical trimmings and could be up there as one of the biggest and best websites on the internet.

I hadn’t realised just how big my collection is so working with Lee has been an eye opener oh and the poor fella has many more pieces to add as I’ve been collecting since making the last website.
Oh my poor Lee but if anyone can he can.

Till my next blog for The Remote IT Pro team, stay safe, stay secure and stay PC Clean…

All the best,
Eiffion Ashdown