Finished Website Guest Blog

Collectibulldogs home page Finished website guest blog

Collectibulldogs home page Finished website guest blog

Hi there to all of the Remote It Pro readers. So here it is my last blog from a review if you like that that I’ve done in three segments.

This last Blog is about the finished product I got from hiring these guys and why if you need help these are the people to talk too.

It wasn’t easy passing over full control and even more frustrating when your watching them build it, yet do not understand anything you see.

I recommend not spying on your own site whilst it’s being made but just get custom updates from the designer whom will go through everything with you after anyway.

For the price I paid for my website I got much more than I even thought possible and was just expecting a similar site to my attempt but with a couple of tweaks and loading faster, I couldn’t of been more wrong.

As I have previously stated now I’m listed in the Brighton museum private page my web designer changed the layout so that it is more content driven with a good mix of info amazing collectibles and a category based blog, to help build on the content in the future.

The added extras are all part of the service and them trying to make me the best site possible and I racked my head to think up a list of all the extras I feel have come with this site so far!!!


  • A new site on an affordable budget.
  • A brand new hosted website.
  • A new layout content driven.
  • A live twitter feed to site.
  • A new Blog format ideal for all demographic.
  • A new forum with extras.
  • A brand new background.
  • A new Logo of better quality.
  • A new intro video and Yotube link.
    New links to social media.
  • A new page linking system to reduce loading time.
  • All relevant online security features (continually updated).

Hard To Beat

A brand new first class website that will take some beating I do not think it’s fair to talk financials as that’s not my business to talk about it but I feel I got a top spec website with much more that I hadn’t envisioned, let alone now own myself on the budget quoted.

The list above is amazing it’s so cool having folks stay on the site now due to its speed and even on a low view day, I can be content with my OCD as the page views have risen dramatically.

Lee the web designer, is hosting Collectibulldogs for a year as part of the package, but I feel our acquaintance will last much longer than the year given and hopefully he will stick around to help the website and any ventures that come with it.

As tech advances, websites will get bigger and better and I don’t wish to be left behind so having Lee in my corner would mean so much and bring lots of relief to a fella that only knows how to turn an iPad on…

Let’s wrap things up for the finished website guest blog before my review starts to bore!!!

There is not one reason in my mind why I think you shouldn’t pick the team of The Remote IT Pro whether it be a mammoth task like rebuilding or creating a website, home PC’s and gadget help are just a small part of their technical skill set and I think they would be great for start up businesses or ones on a budget, but needing that support just like I did.


To all the team thank you so much and congratulate yourselves on a top notch, job excellently done best wishes for Now folks.

Eiffion Ashdown curator at