How to Properly Do a Factory Reset Of a Windows PC, Portable Device?


Windows 8 Troubleshooting

Windows 8 Troubleshooting & Reset options

You are wondering how to do a factory reset of a Windows PC or portable device. Well, though you might not need to know it entirely, the chances of it coming handy one day during an emergency are always there. You can come up with tons of excuses for not wanting to learn, but here is a little secret, it is not as hard as you think.

The below methods are useful for the current set of laptops and tablets. Perhaps you might be owner of both the devices. They are extremely handy devices and come with their own benefits and uses. You can watch movies on the go. You can listen to music when you want to. You can also read books using the laptop and tablet.

The uses of these two devices are immense and hence knowing how to do a factor reset on the laptop and tablet is definitely useful for a number of different reasons. Some of you might not be happy with the performance of the laptop or tablet. Perhaps you were expecting it to be quick and fast, especially when playing video games.

Maybe you have found a virus or a malware is constantly hindering the performance. In some cases, you intend to remove everything and just sell the laptop or tablet to somebody else. As you can see the reasons are plenty to learn how to perform a factory setting without letting anyone know.

While you can take it to the shop and get it done, why not try it yourself first.

How to factory reset a PC?

The PC and laptop do not always have recovery discs. However, some do and when that is the case, then performing the factor reset becomes a very simple affair. You might not have received any recovery discs in the box, if that is the case, you will want to know that, your PC and laptop may have a recovery partition.

It is hidden in the hard drive. The part stores all the drivers, Windows and other data the device needs. This can be used to get your PC and laptop to how it was initially. The performance will not be affected at all. Based on the brand of the PC and laptop you are using, the process will differ. Usually recovery software is called differently for different makes.

How to factory reset a laptop – Windows 10?

Windows 10 Reset

Windows 10 Reset Options

How to do a factory reset of a Windows PC or portable device for Windows 10 operating system? You need to open the Start menu then choose the Settings options. Then once the settings screen is loaded, type on the search bar “reset.” Once the results come, choose the option “reset this PC.” The option normally appears on the recovery section of “Update & Security.”

Once in there you can make use of the “Get started.” option to initiate the process. You will want to remember that the files you consider to be kept, need to be chosen now. Once the procedure is complete, the files and information will be gone forever. This is something which many people tend to forget several times and suffer in the end.

How to factory reset a laptop – Windows 7 & 8

How you can do a factory reset for a Windows 7 & 8 operating system? When you own a Windows 7 & 8 operating system, then you will want to ensure that you learn it. The operating system Windows 8 PC and laptop comes with a recovery application that is present from the Windows which is when you need to check your app menu.

You will then want to take a backup of all the data that you can want to store before performing a factory reset. The folders which you have present on your laptop or PC can be copied and all the information you wish to save can be copied. The factory reset procedure will erase all the data. When you want to start-up or reboot your laptop, you will want to make use of the appropriate F key.

In few brands it might be a key combination which has been given below:

Recovery partition key

  • Acer – Alt + F10
  • HP – F11
  • Asus – F9
  • Dell/Alienware – F8
  • MSI – F3
  • Lenovo – F11
  • Toshiba – 0 (not numpad)
  • Sony – F10
  • Samsung – F4

Read the instructions which are present on the monitor. It will clearly explain on how you can proceed. The different manufacturers tend to make use of various software to restore the “disk image.” The disk image is normally stored in the recovery partition. Specific guidance cannot be provided for that.

HP Factory Reset Complete

HP Factory Reset Complete

When you have confirmed you definitely want to proceed, it becomes automatic. You will need to just wait for half an hour or so for it to take place. In some cases, the PC or laptop restores Windows first and then install programs and drivers automatically. It happens when the Windows operating system boots.

If that appears then you will want to make sure that you do not do anything till you see a message saying you the restore has finished. If all else fails, then you will consider taking the help of a professional repair person. Probably you can learn a thing or two from them live, when they perform a factory reset of a Windows PC or portable device.

There is nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed to take the help of an IT professional, especially when you are dealing with a very expensive device. A Window PC or portable device does not come cheap and it is essential that you handle them with care. Here is a great piece of advice, always make sure to have a backup of all your information safely somewhere (such as on a dvd or memory stick or portable hard disk etc).

It helps in ensuring that supposing the data has been lost for some reason in your Windows PC then you can always make use of the backup. This is something which many Window users tend not to do and end up having lot of problems when important data or sensitive information is lost. You can copy the data on your USB drive or portable device of your choice.

It is simple, but effective. You also now know how to perform a factory reset of a Windows PC or portable device.

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