Guest blog by our client Eiffion Ashdown

Hi folks my name is Eiffion Ashdown (I’m a fella with an unusual name!) and I’m doing a guest blog on my experience so far with the TheRemoteItPro, my personal web designer and the new website’s progress since giving them the contact.

Firstly let me say a bit about my website and it will put the job that Lee, my web designer has to do into prospective, firstly I made the mistake of making my own website so when it comes to certain tasks Lee has to do them manually tasking away and secondly I own one of the worlds largest private bulldog collections so the website has thousands of pictures, as well as these there were many errors a slow loading time and due to Ts and Cs I had to take down some pages which I will be having back again and I cannot wait to see the vast improvements and new features this new site of mine will have and I know my following are just as eager.

So why The Remote IT Pro?

It’s no secret in my blogging and antiques circles that I suffer with issues one being PTSD!

Over the years this has given me a good degree of character assessment even without meeting people, when I got popular on twitter and other formats many designers tried coaxing me towards their services with promises of amazing things but very steep prices and a hint of greed (when you compare to others offering same product). At first I was just going to get my site cleaned up I didn’t think I could afford a new one and as I’m MUSEUM LISTED I needed one more than ever.

When mentioning this in a conversation to Lee on twitter I was surprised to see unneeded chivalry in the end of his reply with him saying sorry for the texts length I knew straight away this was a man with compassion, so didn’t hesitate to take this company up and asked to work directly with Lee.

As a curator and possible exhibition show-holder I need to find funds to further my venture so the price for a new site and a years hosting and IT support was a bargain I couldn’t give up and I get to work with a stand up fella whom cares about his clients needs and has been great with me since we started.

What am I expecting I could answer this one quite easy and say any website better than the one I made but as I’m paying I get to choose how my site start to finish (with Lee suggesting some great ideas, shortcuts and alternatives) but most of what will be seen will be my own ideas.

Lee knows I want a gallery instead of the old layout I also want my forum back and I’ve asked for him to add some eye candy moving visuals just to give the site the feeling of movement and not just pictures galore, the URLs will all be gone and the layout will be easier to use both for the viewer and myself when editing.

Knowing my personal reasons behind the collection, the new status and it’s popularity Lee has spoken about making it the best he can in as fast a time as he can whilst incorporating some of his own ideas/wisdom/tech skills and contacting me regularly to keep me up to speed with my last buzz being that I got my very first website email, might sound trivial but I’ve been waiting a year and when I tried I nearly broke my laptop with frustration.

The end result should be still the only bulldog collection website back online but just 100 times better.

What to expect from The Remote IT Pro

If your lucky to get Lee as your web designer or account holder i.e. Pc cleaner, tech support or related service,s you will meet a genuinely kind fella whom is very efficient in his role he has patience and understanding and a kind of ease when talking which helps me personally due to my disorder, but I’m sure he’s demeanour is just as polite with all his clients.

Being up and coming this company does need talking about I do not think you will find a better IT team anywhere else but that’s just my opinion. Lee still has a fair way to go but works like lighting so it shouldn’t be long before collectibulldogs is back online and The Remote IT Pro team are doing their job keeping those nasty crawlers and bots from invading my website.

I will be doing a review on this companies performance and also my website all start ups need good reviews well the good companies anyway and I’m in anticipation of writing the review after the excitement of seeing the new website launched has calmed so until then readers at The Remote IT Pro stay safe and keep those PCs in Tip Top condition.

Writer/blogger e ashdown

You can check out the progress of website here. logo logo